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Michael Ziccardi, DVM, Named Executive Director of UC Davis One Health Institute

July 20, 2020

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has appointed Michael Ziccardi, DVM MPVM PhD, as executive director of the One Health Institute (OHI). Ziccardi, a wildlife veterinarian, epidemiology professor and scientist, will serve a five-year term through July 2025.

As executive director, Ziccardi will lead the OHI in its mission to solve complex problems impacting health and conservation such as zoonotic disease emergence, food insecurity and biodiversity loss.

Initiatives to Intercept Pandemics Through Genomics

June 11, 2020
Three major initiatives in biodiversity genomics — BIOSCAN, Earth BioGenome Project, and Global Virome Project — have joined forces to deliver a “pandemic interception system” based upon comprehensive knowledge of pathogens and their hosts.

The Link Between Virus Spillover, Wildlife Extinction and the Environment

April 07, 2020
The Same Processes That Threaten Wildlife Increase Our Risk of Spillover

As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, a common question is, can infectious diseases be connected to environmental change? Yes, indicates a study published today from the University of California, Davis’ One Health Institute.

Sea Otters, Opossums and the Surprising Ways Pathogens Move from Land to Sea

March 18, 2020
A New Twist Added to Decades of Sea Otter Research

A parasite known only to be hosted in North America by the Virginia opossum is infecting sea otters along the West Coast. A study from the UC Davis One Health Institute elucidates the sometimes surprising and complex pathways infectious pathogens can move from land to sea to sea otter.

Biodiversity Museum Day on Feb. 15

February 10, 2020

The 9th annual Biodiversity Museum Day is on Saturday, February 15. We will be open that day between 9AM-1PM and our ambassador birds will be on the glove with our volunteers sharing some great information on the species and how we affect their environment.

Marburg Virus Found in Sierra Leone Bats

January 24, 2020
First Report of Angolan-like Strain in Bats Since Initial Outbreak in People in 2005

Scientists have detected Marburg virus in fruit bats in Sierra Leone, marking the first time the deadly virus has been found in West Africa. Eleven Egyptian rousette fruit bats tested positive for active Marburg virus infection. Research teams caught the bats separately in three health districts.

CONTEST: What does One Health mean to you?

January 09, 2020
One Health Contest

In conjunction with One Health Awareness Month, the One Health Institute is kicking off a contest urging students to explore their understanding and connection to the concept of "One Health."

Experiential Summer Field Course in East Africa Trains Future One Health Leaders

December 19, 2019
2019 Rx One Health Field Institute participant shares her experience in this “crash-course” in One Health

Applications for the 2020 Rx One Health Field Institute are now open! This four-week, field-based experiential summer program in East Africa offers career training for recent graduates or students in medical and veterinary school, as well as early-career health, agriculture, environmental sciences, and conservation professionals. 

$85M to Develop a One Health Workforce for the Next Generation

October 09, 2019
USAID Award Supports New Project Led by UC Davis One Health Institute

The U.S. Agency for International Development will award up to $85 million over the next five years to the University of California, Davis’ One Health Institute and consortium partners to implement the One Health Workforce—Next Generation project.