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UCGHI Center for Planetary Health

The mission of the Center for Planetary Health is to lead the world in science, education, outreach, and transformative solutions to health-environment challenges.

The Center for Planetary Health (CPH), part of the UC Global Health Institute, addresses complex global issues that arise from the effects of climate change, rapidly growing populations and limited food and natural resources.

The CPH draws on the resources of all ten UC campuses and two national laboratories. Through collaborative research, community engagement, and local and international partnerships, we seek to identify new ways that humans and animal populations can foster resilience in the face of changing environments.

Education is also a significant focus. CPH offers a Summer Field Experience Fellowship Program, a summer graduate fellowship with the California Department of Conservation, a Student Ambassador Program and an International Student Ambassador Program. The Rx One Health summer course in East Africa and the UCGHI GloCal Health Fellowship are also opportunities to conduct research, sharpen problem-solving skills to implement critical change, strengthen professional networks and explore careers in planetary and global health.

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