June Barrera portrait
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, One Health Institute

2018-2019 GloCal Health Fellow June Barrera is currently in Tanzania conducting research alongside the HALI Project team, with her first month spent training in the OHI lab. During her veterinary education at UC Davis, Dr. Barrera participated in international research projects and training-- including the  2017 Rx One Health summer program --  in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda to assess One Health issues, like food security and zoonoses, in agricultural and pastoral communities living in close proximity to wildlife. Passionate about One Health, Dr. Barrera’s short-term goal is to investigate drivers that increase emerging zoonotic risk in communities with a high wildlife-livestock-human interface. By understanding the ecology of such an interface, effective global health policies and practices can be developed to contain and limit emerging zoonoses. She also aims to ultimately make global healthcare more sustainable by promoting and encouraging the public to practice preventive health measures not only for themselves, but also their animals, particularly food animals.