In the Media

In the Media

08/04/21: UC Davis Gets New Funding to Help Rescue Dogs and Cats Scorched in California Wildfires (The Fresno Bee)

08/03/21: Protecting Animals when Disaster Strikes (Davis Enterprise)

08/02/21: New California Veterinary Emergency Team to Coordinate Training, Response (UC Davis)

07/29/21: Plastic 'Pool" Toy Pollution in the Wild (UC Davis)

07/14/21: Detecting Wildlife Illness and Death with New Early Warning System (UC Davis)

05/25/21: Conservation Success Leads to New Challenges for Endangered Mountain Gorillas (UC Davis)

04/27/21: Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade - Scientists Develop App to Predict the Next Pandemic (Independent)

04/26/21: As the U.S. Moves Toward Post-Pandemic Life, COVID-19 is Still Devastating the World - Especially in India (Time)

04/12/21: Killer Viruses Given a 'Credit Rating' as New App Aims to Halt Future Pandemics (The Telegraph)

04/08/21: These Viruses are the Most Likely to Trigger the Next Pandemic, Scientists Predict (Fox News)

04/07/21: UC Davis Database Aims to Prevent Next Major Pandemic (CBS Sacramento)

04/07/21: These Viruses are the Most Likely to Trigger the Next Pandemic, According to Scientists (Live Science)

04/05/21: There's a New App that Might Help Predict Which Viruses Could Cause the Next Pandemic (Forbes)

03/29/21: Bear Cubs in California are Developing an Unexplained Illness that Makes Them Friendly and Not Afraid of People (Business Insider)

03/27/21: Mysterious Disease Killing Young Bears in the Sierra Nevada (U.S. News & World Report)

03/27/21: Mysterious Disease Killing Young California Bears in Tahoe. One Symptom: Fearlessness (The Sacramento Bee)

03/22/21: Covid Spilled from Animals to Humans. Now It's Spilling Back (WIRED)

02/07/21: Toxic Alae Blooms are Killing Sea Otters in their Prime, Study Finds (The Mercury News)

02/04/21: We May Never Eliminate COVID-19. But We Can Learn to Live With It (TIME)

02/02/21: Mortality Study Establishes Numerous Threats to Orcas (Undark)

01/30/21: Sleek. Legendary. Huge. Vulnerable. Orcas are Under Threat. (Mother Jones)

01/27/21: Toxin Found in Crabs Ups Risk of Fatal Heart Disease in Hungry Sea Otters, Study Finds (The Sacramento Bee)